After the departure of two .. the announcement of the death of another journalist in the World Cup

The European Parliament was scheduled to consider facilitating entry visas for citizens from Kuwait and Qatar, but this issue was withdrawn from the agenda, and the debate scheduled for Wednesday will be about “defending democracies in the face of foreign interference” and is expected to be heated after a corruption scandal involving a deputy. Speaker of Parliament and others.

And she said Al-Rai Kuwaiti newspaperThe European Parliament voted, on Monday, “in favor of a proposal to return the file for exempting Kuwaiti and Qatari citizens from (Schengen) visas to the Parliament’s Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs.”

The newspaper added that the rapporteur of the report on the visa file, Eric Marquardt, said, “In front of the session that was held at the Parliament headquarters in the French city of Strasbourg, I decided, with the approval of the political groups, to return the file to the committee.”

And the President of the European Parliament, Roberta Metsola, announced on Monday that “European democracy is under attack,” pledging to reform the institution that has been shaken by a loud corruption scandal linked to Qatar.

On Monday, the Belgian police carried out a search operation in the offices of the European Parliament in Brussels, the day after the Greek Deputy Speaker, Eva Kaili, was imprisoned.

It is suspected that Kylie, who holds one of the 14 positions of deputy speaker of parliament, received sums from Doha to defend the interests of the emirate, which is currently hosting the FIFA World Cup matches.

Three other persons were also imprisoned as part of this investigation.

The amounts seized during the twenty raids that took place to date are staggering, as the Belgian Federal Public Prosecutor enumerated “600,000 euros in the home of a suspect, hundreds of thousands of euros in a bag confiscated from a Brussels hotel room, and about 150,000 euros in an apartment owned by a member of the European Parliament.

On Sunday, Mitsola expressed in Parliament her “extreme anger and sadness,” vowing that “there will be no impunity (…) nothing will be hidden.”

And announced the opening of an “internal investigation to look into all the facts related to the European Parliament” and verify the improvement of the mechanisms adopted in this body.

“We will launch a reform process to see who has access to our headquarters, how these organizations and NGOs and these people are funded, and what relationships they have with third countries, and we will demand more transparency about meetings with foreign actors,” she said.

No parliamentary immunity

Since Saturday evening, Mitsola has stripped her deputy of all her duties, including her representation in the Middle East. It is expected that the Conference of Presidents, the political body of the European Parliament, will start, on Tuesday morning, the mechanism of voting to strip Kylie of her position as Vice-President for making a “grave mistake”.

Friday was excluded from the Greek Socialist Party, in which it was considered a controversial figure, and Monday was excluded from its political bloc in the European Parliament.

The Greek Anti-Money Laundering Authority also announced, on Monday, the freezing of all its assets.

And Kylie was unable to take advantage of her parliamentary immunity because she was caught in the act when “bags full of securities” were found in her apartment.

The issue of keeping her in detention or releasing her, along with the other three detainees, will be discussed on Wednesday in front of the Brussels Council Chamber.

And the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, said, on Monday, that suspicions of corruption are “very disturbing. It is a matter of trust in the people who are at the heart of our institutions,” noting that she proposed the establishment of an “independent authority” to deal with ethical issues.

For its part, Qatar denied any involvement in the case, and a Qatari government official told AFP on Saturday that “any allegation of misconduct by the State of Qatar is a serious fallacy.”

Eva Kayley, the 44-year-old former TV presenter, who was elected in January 2022 as Vice-President of the European Parliament, visited Qatar in early November, where she praised, in the presence of the Qatari Minister of Labor, Ali bin Samikh Al-Marri, the reforms implemented by the country in the field of working conditions.

On November 22, she said from the rostrum of the European Parliament, “Qatar’s organization of the World Cup proves the historic transformation of a country whose reforms inspired the Arab world.”

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