Agent of non-banking company returning after depositing money in Khagadia shot dead

In Khagaria, Bihar, miscreants shot and killed a set agent of a nun banking company. The incident took place late Tuesday night near Jalakaura High School on Khagaria Bakhri Path of Gangaur Police Station. The deceased was identified as Bablu Malakar (35) of Jahangir.

Like on different days, Bablu was coming again at night by collecting the quantity in the enclosed space along the Jalakora market. At the same time, former miscreants shot him in the temple, killing him on the spot. Hearing the sound of the bullet, the people gathered around the spot and informed the police and family members about it. Angry people gathered on the spot refused to carry out the autopsy demanding the arrest of the killers. Kaya was not allowed to rise until information was found. In this regard, Rajiv Ranjan Kumar, head of Gangaur police station, mentioned that the miscreants concerned in the incident would be arrested quickly.

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