Agricultural Law: Committee’s first face-to-face meeting with farmers on 19 January

The Supreme Court-appointed committee on agricultural legal guidelines can hold its first direct meeting on January 19 at the Pusa campus here. Committee member Anil Ghanawat said this on Thursday. He stressed that if the committee needed to go to their protest site to work closely with the farmers, it could not make it a problem of status or importance.

The committee members were scheduled to interact in a digital manner on Thursday, though the meeting could not take place after former MP and farmer head Bhupinder Singh Mann broke away from the committee. Ghanwat said that the current members of the committee can hold their digital meeting on Friday. Further he said that he would not relinquish membership of the committee for this request of the apex court. He said that he did not believe that every other member would distance himself from the committee.

On January 11, the Supreme Court constituted a four-member committee to investigate the problem of the latest agricultural legal guidelines. Farmers have been protesting against these legal guidelines, especially in the constituents of Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh for more than 40 days on Delhi’s borders.

The Supreme Court will take into account the new member of the committee next week

On the other hand, after the removal of Bhupinder Singh Mann, as a member of the committee resolved the farmer proposal, the Supreme Court will take up the matter in later weeks to decide who is to be placed within the committee. Indeed, the title of Bhupinder Mann has been disputed within the committee since the beginning. Farmer leaders said Mann had already supported all three new agricultural legal guidelines. Farmer leaders objected to the opposite names within the committee. The four-member committee set up by the apex court’s dock on Tuesday consists of Bhupendra Singh Mann, Shetkari Sangathan (Maharashtra) president Anil Ghanawat, Pramod Kumar Joshi, director of the International Food Policy Research Institute of South Asia and agricultural economist Ashok Gulati. Anil Ghanawat in his writings within the media gave opinion in favor of the Kisan Legal Guidelines.

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In September, the federal government implemented all three agricultural legal guidelines as a significant reform in the agricultural sector. Officials had said that following these legal guidelines, the status of intermediary would cease and farmers would be allowed to promote their produce anywhere within the nation. At the same time, farmers are adamant on repealing all three agricultural legal guidelines. The demonstrating farmers announced that these legal guidelines have been introduced to learn the trade and this could get rid of the mandis and the minimum supportable (MSP) system.

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