Ahaan Struggling With His Feeling

Hello readers, hope you all are doing good and excited to know the next update of the show “Ishk Par Zor Nahin” on 29th April 2021. As we already watched that Ishqi have strong feelings for Ahaan but still she is denying the fact and on the other side Ahaan is also struggling with his feelings. Whenever Ishqi is in danger Ahaan comes there and rescue her from every danger but in yesterday episode we watched that Ahaan save the life of Ishqi and one stranger girl but he gets shocked after watching the face of the girl.

Let’s see today who is that girl and what new twist is waiting in the life of Ishqi and Ahaan. As we already informed the viewers that Ishqi was presenting a dance performance with Mayank and during the performance, her clothes get to rip up as her designer changes the fitting of her clothes intentionally and everyone stands shocked there but did not bother to help her. Even her fiance Mayank did not help her and gets down from the stage, Ishqi sits there and keep crying but Ahaan gets up on the stage and cover her with the jacket and shut the mouth of everyone there.

Ishqi gets happy with the gesture of Ahaan but at the same time, she also feels frustrated with the approach of Mayank. Mayank is her fiance but he did not even bother to help her and instead of helping he come down from the stage. In her anger, she decides to talk to Mayank about this and when she goes to Mayank to talk he angrily says to her that he doesn’t want to talk to her and she already created the scene here and everyone is angry with her. Ishqi angrily says she can not continue in this relationship and she wants to break her engagement with Mayank.

It is going to be interesting to watch the reaction of Mayank and will he going to break his engagement and how things are going to change in their life and how this incidence changes the life of Ishqi and Ahaan. If Ishqi breaks her engagement then we can expect that the love story of Ahaan and Ishqi will start but right now we can only assume all these. For better picture clarity, we need to wait for the next update of the show but till then enjoy this episode of “Ishk Par Zor Nahin ” on the Sony TV Channel at 9:30 PM and do read other updates of the upcoming shows.

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