Ajit massacre: Police wants cooperation from resident officials

The shooter, who killed Ajit Singh on 6 January, stayed in a condominium in Vibhuti section of Lucknow. Police commissioner DK Thakur gave instructions to find out the coordination with the Resident Welfare Association, when the investigation came to light.

On Thursday, DCP Dainik Ravi Kumar, ADCP Suresh Chandra Rawat, ACP Mohanlalganj Praveen Malik and Inspector Vijayendra Singh held a gathering with Sushant Golf City RWA officials. During this time Golf City residents talked about police patrolling and the installation of the Avenue Lights. On which the police assured to take a quick front.

DCP Ravi Kumar appealed to the original residents to cooperate with the police and requested them to inform the police that you were being fired. The DCP noted that the title of Police Assistants may be kept confidential. DCP Suresh Chandra Rawat informed Doyle 112 and the women power line about the women concerned within the dialogue program.

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