Ajit Meets with Accident in Hyderabad – TheMiracleTech

Hero Ajith met with an accident in Hyderabad during the shooting of his upcoming film ‘Valimai’. This unfortunate incident happened while filming an action episode. Ajit got hurt. He was immediately taken to the hospital.

But despite the injury, Ajit continued shooting and left for Chennai only after completing the shoot. Now Nayak will be taken a month’s break so that he can recover from injuries.

As Ajit is known to be away from the media’s glare, the news was not revealed to the media and Ajit quietly left for Chennai. Knowing about the incident, Ajith’s fans were worried but he was relieved as soon as he came to know that he was fine. This is not the first time Ajith met with an accident on set. For the same film, Ajith suffered injuries during the shooting of a bike stunt in the previous schedule of the film. These frequent incidents on the set are worrying Ajith’s fans.

Being Valimai ‘is directed by’ Khaki ‘fame Vinod and Huma Qureshi in the film while our Telugu young hero Karthikeya is playing a negative role.

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