Akasam Ni Haddura Remake with Shahid Kapoor? – TheMiracleTech

Surya’s Akash Ni Hadura (“Sorarai Potru” in Tamil) is the first star-studded movie to become a hit among other big-budget films released on the TheMiracleTech platform in recent times.

To become a fictional biopic of the life of Captain Gorur Ramaswamy Gopinath, the basic bits of the film were adapted from the book “Simply Fly”. Suriya proved her role with the film, as well as a much awaited super hit which she has been craving to achieve for some time. This fictional biopic managed to grab the attention of Bollywood veterans who are now looking to remake it in Hindi.

A major Bollywood production house is trying to get Sudha Kongara as its Hindi director. The alleged producers of the remake of Akas Ni Haddura have approached Shahid Kapoor for the role of Surya. Shahid is currently busy with a bag full of films. After the Arjun Reddy remake (Kabir Singh), he is now starring in the Jersey Hindi remake.

Let us wait and see if she says yes or no to another South’s film remake.

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