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Bigg Boss is Telugu’s biggest reality show and is scheduled to end in a few weeks. But, this season of Bigg Boss has been in the headlines for the last few days due to various reasons. Sometimes show-makers are trolled for their biased behavior, while sometimes contestants are trolled for comments made during the show and other times Nagarjuna is not reprimanded for his behavior. Has to withstand heat.

In the last episode of Bigg Boss, contestants competed in nominations and it went down very rapidly, starting in Akhil’s first nomination. The moment he went to the secret room, Akhil’s behavior did not go well with the audience. The audience felt that he was over-confident in the room and has been the same since he returned home.

In the nomination, Akhil accused fellow contestant Abhijeet of talking about his absence in a negative light and made a strange metaphor of comparing himself to a goat who turned into a tiger. Abhijeet retaliated and did not call any of the allegations a lie. Once again in conversation, Akhil is also seen dragging Monal. Netizens are upset about how the show is taking shape. Sohail’s behavior towards Harika was also not good, even though he had given his arguments as an attempt to provoke her. Ever since this episode aired, viewers took to Twitter and Instagram and recalled many memories of Akhil crying in the confession room while she was asked to leave and the way she spoke in Monday’s nomination episode. Compared to that, and what the actual behavior looks like, the contestants are finally coming. Bigg Boss season 4 has finally become a bit interesting and viewers have started watching it again. The TRP rating for yesterday’s episode increased comparatively from the previous week. This week Abhijeet, Harika, Lasya, Ariana, Monal and Sohail are in the nominations. And it will be interesting to see who will be eliminated, as the audience has constantly tried to eliminate Monal.

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