Akon: How was his early life? What is his net worth?

Aliaune Thiam is popularly known as R&B singer Akon. Akon is a very well-known personality in the music world, pushing the boundaries of hip-hop to become the most admired figure in the entertainment industry. Not only has Akon experienced success as a solo artist, but has started two thriving record labels, like an entrepreneur within the music industry.

Akon’s best-known songs are “Smack That” and “Locked Up”, but fans who like many other genres often listen to Akon’s vocals on their favorite songs. In terms of statistics, there are not many people who can equal Akon. He has several songs that have been certified platinum, including four tracks that went platinum three times.

How was his early life?

Akon was born on April 16, 1973 in St. Louis, Missouri, in Aliyum Damala Badara Akon Thiam. Although Akon was born in the United States. He spent most of his young life traveling between the United States and Senegal. Once he was seven years old, Akon settled permanently in Newark, New Jersey.

When Akon lived in Senegal, he learned a lot about music from his parents. Her mother was a professional dancer, and her father was a famous pundit, More Thiam. In the years of his young life, Akon learned to play five instruments, including drums and guitar. The situation worsened when Akon’s family relocated to Atlanta, leaving him and his older brother to finish high school.

How did he start his career?

Akon entered the music industry in 2003 because he wanted to make a name for himself. He first looked at Devin Stephens, a man who featured in artists like Usher. Soon after, Akon was signed to Stephen’s label and recorded several tracks. These tracks were noticed by producer “Nobody”, who helped Akon to create an album.

In 2004, Akon released their debut album, “Trouble”. It easily reached 8th place in the Billboard Top 200. It became a kickstart for Akron’s career. “Locked Up” and “Lonely” were two successful and popular tracks from this album.

What is his net worth?

Akon’s estimated total assets are approximately $ 80 million. Akon wanted his fortune, $ 13 million, during 2011. Previously, he earned $ 21 million in 2010, a year considered his highest as a solo artist. He also earned $ 20 million in 2009 and $ 12 million in 2008.

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