Al Hilal of Saudi Arabia tempted Messi with 400 million euros in response to the Ronaldo deal

Press reports revealed that Al-Hilal Saudi Club is striving to strengthen its ranks by including Lionel Messi In the upcoming summer transfers, a player of heavy caliber, especially after Al-Nassr succeeded in including Portuguese international star Cristiano Ronaldo.

Messi’s contract with Paris Saint-Germain expires after the end of the current season, and Al-Hilal suffers this January from the decision to deny the inclusion of new players due to the punishment imposed on the club in the crisis of the team player, Mohamed Kno.

And the Saudi media, Khaled Al-Dhiab, confirmed, through his official account on “Twitter”, that Al-Hilal prepared an offer of 300 million euros to include the Argentine star Lionel Messi, after the end of his contract with Paris Saint-Germain, and the offer could reach 400 million euros.

Al-Diab published a tweet on Twitter, in which he said, The Saudi club Al-Hilal, when communicating with Messi, exceeded 300 million euros, and it may reach 400 million euros.

The Saudi journalist added, “The player welcomes the idea in the future.”

And the Argentine channel TYC confirmed, earlier, Al Hilal’s desire to include Lionel Messi, to respond strongly to Cristiano Ronaldo’s move to the ranks of victory.

The registration penalty for Al-Hilal ends in the summer transfer period 2023, at which time he can include new deals.

And Al-Hilal wants to return the strong blow from Al-Nasr, after annexing it RonaldoWhere he aspires to include Argentine world champion Lionel Messi.

The opportunity appears to be opportune, as Messi has not yet renewed his contract with French Paris Saint-Germain, which expires at the end of the current season, so Al-Hilal wants to include him in the summer, with an attractive offer.

And Saudi reports said that Al Hilal Club has already started negotiating with Lionel Messi to join its ranks during the upcoming summer transfer period, with a deal estimated at 300 million euros annually.

And the Saudi sports journalist, Hassan Al-Sabhan, explained, according to information he received from his sources, that Fahd bin Nafel; The president of Al-Hilal is currently in the French capital, Paris, to sign with Messi, to join the leader on a free transfer, starting next season.

Al-Sabhan claimed that Al-Nasr also entered the line of negotiations, to block the way for Al-Hilal, taking advantage of his prevention from contracts this winter, to bring the Don and Leo together in the world.

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