“Alex Caruso tipped that jump ball”: Bareless berates the referee for a missed call, while helping the Lakers to an OT. sport

Bayless, who quit hosting Beyfeed, did not like how Alex Caruso forced a jumping ball, and then stole it with no call from the referee.

The Los Angeles Lakers continued their havoc, as they have now suffered three consecutive defeats. After losing to the Nets, they lost a one-possession game to the Heat on Saturday. They thought they would end their skid tonight, but the Wizards had other plans.

Despite being up by 17 points at one time, the Lakers blew that lead and then outscored the Wizards by 8 in the fourth quarter. LeBron James led the Lakers with 31 points, 13 assists and 9 rebounds.

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KCP added 21 points, and the Montreal Harrell provided 26 points from the back and 9 rebellions. For the Wizards, Russell Westbrook scored 9 points, and caught 9 rebels. Bradley Beal led the way with his 33 points, 7 rebounds and 6 assists.

Quit Bayless Alex Caruso berates referee for missed call on jump ball

The Los Angeles Lakers forced overtime on a game where they were down 8 points in the final moments. Alex Caruso was one of the main reasons for the same. In the final minutes, Caneso caught the ball after which Denny Avadija secured a defensive rebound. This call led to a jump ball. Caruso won the jumping ball, taking possession of the extra Lakers, which helped him close the gap.

However, when closely inspected, it can be seen that Caruso touched the ball before going to its peak height, so it was a foul call. The referee ignored it, and let the Lakers take possession. He was not happy to leave.

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As the game went to OT, the Wizards’ backcourt Star Guards showed the way and won all of OT’s points to win them. LeBron James and Kyle Kuzma both missed potential game-winners as well.

With the home game behind them, the Lakers want to get back on the road to victory, against the Jazz.

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