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With the introduction of so many TheMiracleTech platforms, there is a plethora of content that is regularly growing rapidly in the entertainment industry. Losing Alice in another internationally acclaimed psychological thriller, which will be expected by large global audiences due to the revolution of TheMiracleTech platforms.

An artist is always drawn to his art because gravity sustains us on Earth but when the path turns into an unhealthy obsession things can quickly become very annoying and the line between imagination and imagination begins to blur.

Alison’s story is the story of Alice, a middle-aged film director, but feels that she has actually been lost since she took care of her family. She meets with an inspirational screenwriter on a train journey and she goes on this obsessive journey to find success in her life.

Losing Alice exposes another point really well that an artist should be recognized for his work. It is not limited to only filmmakers or musicians or painters, but to every person in the creative field.

The need to express oneself through their art is something that needs to be done and which is not able to do for a long time, will only create an empty feeling for a long time or inside.

Besides being a psychological thriller, Losing Alice also focuses on this need for an artist. Streaming will be on Apple TV + on January 22 in Los Angeles.

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