All Elimination Turn Stressful for Contestants – TheMiracleTech

Every season, one or the other contestants are sent to a secret room as part of secret elimination. While it is shown that the contestant has been removed, the fact remains that they have sent him to a secret room.

The second day, Akhil is sent to a secret room for about three days and the contestants are told that he has been terminated. After his elimination, several contestants in the house started patting him and listening to it all from the room. But the truth that other family members did not know is that it was not abolished.

In the weekend episode, on the occasion of Diwali, Akhil was brought back home. But it did not start like this. Nagarjuna tells Akhil that he has to go back home this time and asks him to pack his bags, go into the house, click a selfie with the members of the house.

All this became quite tense as the householders were not aware of this. Meanwhile, he asked the family members why they had to do a back bitch in his absence.

But meanwhile, slowly, Nagarjuna reveals that Akhil is not going home and that he will still be home, and part of the show.

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