All Hopes on Sai Rama Shankar’s Am Ri-Sound ‘- TheMiracleTech

November 16, 2020

Despite being a promising talent, the hero Sai Ram Shankar could not achieve a worthy success. In recent times, he lagged behind in the race and did not have a proper release. Now Sai Rama Shankar is making a comeback we can say.

Shooting of a film titled ‘Ri-Sound’ has started shooting today. The film has shot seventy percent so far and the final schedule continues. It is an out and out commercial entertainer directed by SS Murali Krishna.

Rashi Singh is playing the female lead role, while Sangeet Sevi is composing the music.

Sai Rama Shankar has raised a lot of expectations on ‘re-sound’ as it will be the deciding factor. Still he is confident of delivering a good film and finding the right success.

So ‘Re-Sound’ will be a make or break film for Shankar.

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