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2/ 5

2 hours 29 minutes | Comedy | Drama | 14-01-2021

cast – Belamkonda Srinivas, Nabha Natesh, Sonu Sood, Anu Emanuel, Prakash Raj and others

Director – Santosh Srinivas

the creator – Gorrela Subrahmanyam

Banner – Sumant Movie Productions

music – Devi Sri Prasad

Belamkonda Suresh said that he asked Santosh Srinivas to produce a script similar to Kandirega and Allu Edwards, a lame attempt to reproduce the super hit comedy.

What is it about

Srinu (Belamkonda Srinivas) falls in love with Kaumudi (Nabha) at first glance. She is the daughter of an influential figure Jaipal Reddy (Prakash Raj), who agrees to a ridiculous deal with Srinu. Then enters Gaza (Sonu Sood) who wants to avenge his sister’s death.


Belamonda Srinu gets to do group dances and many fights and is at home doing so. However, he is required to work on his time in comedy scenes and dances. Nabha Natesh plays a gravedigger, while Anu is seen as a villain in distress. Prakash Raj is evident in a badly written character. Sonu Sood appears like a villain from Sajid Khan’s film. Many comedians are playing various roles, but none of them can really make the audience laugh.


Santosh Srinivas makes every effort in the book to become a great comedy entertainer. He could not write a proper script with a proper plot and simply fools his characters according to their whims. He made a few flop films in the past, but this is his worst film ever.

The music of Devi Sri Prasad is very simple. None of the songs are fresh. Camera work and production value are good. The dialogues are goofy and the editing is sloppy. A lot of money is spent on grand sets and fight sequences, but they cannot save the film from disaster.

main characteristics:

Some comedy bits


Silly scene

Clown performance

Aimless direction


Alladu Adhors follows an old commercial template where the protagonist plays with the villain with his mind games. However, Santosh Srinivas is aware of the fact that this formula will no longer work. Therefore, he tries to throw every successful element into the mix and hopes that it will click.

The deliberate attempt to make each scene livelier was big time because ninety percent of those scenes were messed up. The director left no character to look sensible including Prakash Raj and Sonu Sood. Many of his scenes will make you wonder how they agreed to do either.

There is no plot continuity or character continuity in the film as the characters behave differently in each scene. Bad films will also have some visuals and dialogues that click, but Alludu Adhors is one of those rare films where nothing goes in its favor.

Despite having so many dance numbers, innumerable comedy sequences and fight scenes, Allu Adhars is ready to watch a tiring film. Even the tried and tested ghost comedy fails to make us laugh. The climax stakes are even worse with the director trying to impress the audience in the eighties. This is a film that we should avoid even when we get free tickets and popcorn coupons.

Ground level: Insensitive Aldu!

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