Allahabad High Court verdict, right to appoint married daughter in deceased dependent quota

The Allahabad High Court has said in a necessary decision that like a son, a daughter is a member of the household or not, whether she is married or not. The court said that when the High Court declared the single period of the deceased dependent’s service book as unconstitutional on the basis of gender, then the appointment of the dependent on the basis of daughter can be thought of, for which there is no amendment. Is required in the rule. is.

Simultaneously, the court of court rejected the order of BSA Prayagraj, who refused to be appointed as the deceased dependent on the basis of the petitioner’s marriage and directed to take a call in the matter within two months. Court Docut said that after terming the period as unconstitutional, the phrase daughter is omitted in the booklet. Therefore, BSA cannot refuse to appoint a married daughter on the grounds of not changing the guidelines. Do not want to change the principles by removing the phrase.

This order has been given by Justice JJ Munir, accepting the plea of ​​Manjul Srivastava. Advocate Ghanshyam Maurya debated the petition. Advocate Ghanshyam Maurya had said that in the Vimala Srivastava case, the court’s dock has in principle unconstitutionally canceled the term, so the married daughter has the right of appointment from the dependent quota. He said that the BSA has ordered contrary to the motion of the court document, which is illegitimate.

It has been stated by the federal government that it is unconstitutional, although the authorities have not revised the principles, so the married daughter does not have the right to receive the appointment. Yachty’s mother was the headmistress at Primary School Chaka. He died in service. Her father is unemployed. After the mother’s demise, a housing crisis has arisen. They have three daughters. Everyone is married. The petitioner sought appointment in the dependent quota, which was rejected.

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