Allahabad University: Approval to collect fine of five times from hostel students, Registrar issued a notification

Students residing in Allahabad University hostels will probably be fined five times. For this, the notification has been issued by the Registrar Prof. NK Shukla on the instructions of the Vice Chancellor. This order will probably take effect from November. Five times a month hostels will probably be charged. In addition, it has been ordered that hostel warden and superintendents have to take care when the corona virus infection spreads. In this regard, notice has been put in hostels. At the same time, this resolution of the college administration may cause a lot of resentment among many college students.

It is thought that on Thursday, Chief Proctor Pro. Harsh Kumar and DSW Pro. Apart from KP Singh, Vice Chancellor Pro. Sangeeta Srivastava held a meeting with the wardens and superintendents of all the hostels. Within the assembly, the topic arose as to how the hostel was getting admission when the hostel was closed. The registrar has additionally issued a notification. This makes it clear that these hostels will probably be fined five times with permission to go out. This tremendous will probably be considered efficient from 1 November.

If the corona virus spreads an infection then the hostel warden and superintendent may need to take care. There is a lot of resentment among many college students with this resolution. PRO Jaya Kapoor said that scholars living in hostels during the corona interval would be excluded with permission, perhaps five times the hefty fee they would be charged. Probably from November it will be effective. Because the DSW reported that the diversity of hostel college students started increasing in November.

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