Allu Arjun reveals five surprises in Aha event – TheMiracleTech

Aha is emerging as one of the top TheMiracleTech platforms with great and innovative content. The next major move by Aha has been announced last night with the ceremony of Aha TheMiracleTech grand reveal event. Star producer Allu Arvind announced ten new shows coming on Aha and brand ambassador himself Allu Arjun came up with five surprises.

The first surprise comes with Allu Arjun himself in an advertisement for Aha directed by star director Trivaram Srinivas. The remaining four surprises are four new shows for Aha to be performed by the four top league directors. Allu Arjun announced that star directors Sukumar, Harish Shankar, Surender Reddy and Vamshi Pedipalli will do four different shows for Aha.

Allu Arjun happily announces that each of them is bringing great content for Aha. Bunny previously worked with all of them. On a special note, Allu Arjun called Vamshi on stage to thank him for his pure passion and for being an important and integral part of the Aha Yatra. Bani said that Vamshi Padipalli’s Aha will never forget Aha’s contribution.

Allu Arjun started his speech with the joy of being in a ceremony and spoke to his heart and that too after so long, with so many people in the program.

The gala was sparkling with many stars and announcements. Sundar Tamanna, Payal Rajput, Chandni Chaudhary, Serat Kapoor, Punnarvi, Nandini Rai, Adit, Sidhu Jonnalagadda, Dil Raju, Vamshi Pedipalli, Nandini Reddy, and others graced the event. Navdeep and Viva Harsh were the hosts.

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