Alludu Adhors’s Rambha Urvasi: Bigg Boss Monal’s Hot Treat – TheMiracleTech

January 12, 2021

Belamkonda is set to release Srinuvas’ Alludu Adahurs in two days. The film’s hot special song is still teasing the audience today. Bigg Boss fame Monal sang in the item song for Alludu Adhors and it is ‘Rambha Urvasi Geet’.

Monal shook her leg with Belamkonda Srinivas and she danced to her hot looks in the song. Sonu Sood was also seen dancing with Belamkonda Srinivas for this song. It seems that heroines Natha and Anu Emanuel have also joined for the song.

Sung by Hemachandra and Mangali, the song Rambha Urvashi is set to treat fans in theaters extensively.

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