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The sale of seats reserved for gamers continues to grow among telecoms. (Photo Corentin Migall)

(Publireportage) Inspired by its flagship products and with the arrival of the eagerly awaited Playstation 5 on 19 November, Fnac d’Alès is coming to peace with this important period of the year.

Émilio Martinez was right about it! “Black Friday is 20 to 25% of sales for the year. The event is stronger than Christmas. “ So to make sure you are attractive in the meantime “Black friday” Which will be on 27 November, the director of this benchmark store has worked hard in the distribution of cultural and electronic products.

Cougar provides seats for the brand, with an exclusive partnership with the brand gamers, But which are fully transplanted to followers of the very popular telecommunications. “It works very hard, especially since they are often advised by doctors because they are suited to adopt a good posture”, Kills the director of Fnac D’Lars. These swivel office chairs, which will be described as ergonomic, are available with various options: headrest, padded seat, lumbar support. Therefore prices are variable from 40 euros to several hundred euros for the most developed models.

The director of Fnac D’Leurs has given a real boost to the section devoted to photography. (Photo Corentin Migall)

Always on the lookout for trends that can benefit his store, Martmilio Martinez has a dedicated photo section that knows “ A strong demand for expertise. “ Passionate about the field, the director did not skimp on the means to make it attractive and logically gained: He said, “Alsense needs advice in this area and we have a capable team of enthusiasts who are able to guide them to their liking. Recently, with the 24x36mm sensor the Alpha 7 range is full- Frame hybrid products have been sold, because we knew how to talk about it. We also sometimes adapt them to avoid some of the mistakes that customers make by purchasing equipment that suits them. “

The latest news in relation to the news, the US presidential election which is in full swing, was the subject of an increased demonstration: “It is a chestnut tree that comes back every four years, but we have tried to treat it by proposing something different, extending beyond the simple books of Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Especially with very good reviews America More classic books by Eric Photorino, and to give American society another look ”, A description of the head of the literature department of Fnac D’Lars.

Must-haves that are hits

Released on 9 October, the FIFA 21 video game published by EA Sports has been a unique sales booster for years. The deal is verified once again: “It is amazing how well it works. It boosts the video game market with each of its releases. And for those who bought it on Playstation 4, it will also be compatible on PS5 ”, Informed the manager, before a new imprisonment was announced. While it will fill the shelves from November 19, the new console will inevitably take over from the standpoint of Black Friday and Christmas holidays.

On behalf of literature, the Fnac Litterateur Award was awarded a selection of ten books by Fnac booksellers and clients in September, crowning the American novel. Betty By Tiffany McDaniel. Touchy but animated with an astonishing sweetness, the young writer’s story is a resounding success, which could go on ever: In general, the Fnac price achieves a certain longevity. One is still working well since last year. He may also receive another award and he is Nirvana because it means that Fnac’s staff have made choices similar to literary superpowers., Cheers the department manager.

There are novels and magazines devoted to the greater American society than usual. (Photo Corentin Miguel)

Not far from the works competing for the Fnac Literary Prize, “Big size” Pride of place. The inevitable Mark Levy gave his novel It happened at night. Guillaume Muso on his side, Skidamarink, “First unknown novel” Of Antibois Author. “They’ll still present locomotives for Christmas”, Remembers the department manager before leaving with his little anecdote: “Mark Levy is in the habit of coinciding his books with Mother’s Day in February and he moved there due to an epidemic, offering a release before Christmas. Guillaume Moussa to follow suit by republishing his debut novel Wanted, which appeared at a time when it was not yet known. “

The second epidemic wave that led to a new imprisonment on October 29, apparently shuffled the cards. Allowed to fully open on the first day, the Fnac shops have since been forced to close, as has been kept in the same boat at bookstores. If they are not currently available for self-service sales, cultural products and books can be found thanks to “clicking and collecting”.

Correntin Miguel

To find more information on Fnac Alès Store Website.

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