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Amazon Prime Video is one of the world’s two largest streaming services. However, in India, Amazon Prime Video is always one step ahead of Netflix in attracting customers with unique offers. The annual subscription of Amazon Prime Video is just 999 for which users will get additional prime benefits which are not just about watching movies and TV shows. Now, Amazon Prime Video introduced a new mobile version in India.

“First worldwide announcement of Prime Video mobile version in India announced! Mobile-only access to all Amazon originals, movies and shows. Mobile version (ME) will be available to prepaid customers @airtelindia from today! This is the prime video made for me. #PrimeVideoME ”tweeted Amazon Prime Video on its official account.

As per this new plan, Amazon Prime comes bundled with video data and it partners with Airtel for the launch. The package starts at just INR 89.

Amazon is bringing it exclusively to India before launching it in other countries. The service will be available to Airtel prepaid customers from today.

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