Amazon Prime Video Website: Web Series and Movies

Amazon head

Amazon Prime is India’s largest TheMiracleTech platform that people are using very fast and many users are joining this platform and you will get all the information below.

Amazon Prime All General Information


Amazon Prime The launch September 14 years, 7, 2006 Was worn

He is an TheMiracleTech Platform The headquarters of Amazon Prime are in Seattle, Washington, United States.

Amazon Prime’s owner is named Amazon Inc. If we talk about its Alexa Rank, then its Alexa Rank is 109. Recent Users 150 million (paid) is.

Amazon Prime Service


  1. streaming media
  2. video on demand
  3. Digital distribution

Service :

  1. film production
  2. Film distribution
  3. Television production

Can we watch free videos in amazon prime?

So friends, let’s talk about whether we can watch videos in Amazon Prime for free or not? So in friends, you want to tell the people that if you want to watch videos in Amazon Prime of the people, then you guys will have to purchase the pack of Amazon Prime.

Amazon prime free video watch

The person who is Amazon Prime will not provide free video to the people, then friends, if you want people to watch the video there, then you will have to purchase its package.

If you want to watch videos in Amazon Prime, then you can watch videos by logging into Amazon Prime.

How to log in inside Amazon Prime?

So friends, if you like watching videos inside amazon prime then here we will tell you how you can log in under amazon prime and enjoy the video inside amazon prime.

Amazon prime login
log in

So friends, first of all you have amazon prime inside your computer or mobile. You amazon prime Google Chrome You can search from

Go to that and you have to click on Amazon Prime. Your people id will open on that.

Friends if your id is already amazon prime There is no need to create a new id, but if you are creating a new id, then you will have to put your E-Mail id and its password on it.

After that you will be asked your method of payment there. You can get your pack done the way you want.

Amazon prime But how can we watch movies

Amazon Prime Movies

Friends, if you want to watch videos inside Amazon Prime, then you can buy a pack of amazon prime.

If you want people to watch the video inside Amazon Prime, then you can purchase the pack by watching its id and log in.

Through them, you can watch the videos you want. You can watch movies, web series, serials as per your wish.

Is Music Available Within Amazon Prime?

Spotify is a music streaming platform like Apple Music, YouTube Music and others. This gives access to a library of its large-scale songs to amazon prime members.

Amazon offers a separate subscription service called Amazon Music Unlimited.

It costs $ 7.99 per month for Prime members and $ 9.99 per month for non-Prime members.

what Amazon prime India Is it?

Amazon Prime India

Friends, if we talk about Amazon Prime’s key, is it for India, then friends, the answer is no.

Friends, as we told you about amazon earlier, amazon prime is an TheMiracleTech Platform and the Headquarters of Amazon Prime is in Seattle, Washington, United States.

But in the Amazon Prime, a lot of Bollywood and South India films are put in our India.

If we talk, a lot of our Web Series is also put in it, then Amazon Prime India also works for it.

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