Amazon Prime Video’s Metal Sound: An Empirical Look at Deafness and Its Critical Reality

How important are our senses? We never give what we do? Until and unless it is taken away from us. Amazon’s next original “Sound of Metal” is one of our most important senses, the sense of hearing. The story of a heavy-metal drummer and how he loses his hearing over time and adjusts to his ability to perceive life in a completely different way with his new-found ability. Amazon prime video The film will be released on December 4, 2020.

Half of the heavy-metal duo, Reuben is a talented drummer from the band Blackgammon, where his girlfriend Lou is a singer. Various issues come with his talent and fame, as a metal drummer is exposed to high intensity sounds. With the rising ringing sound in his ears, he realizes that he is losing his hearing ability, as he advises an expert. His doctor tells him that his hearing is ending quickly and he must preserve what is left. As a musician he remains dumbstruck and cannot find where his life is, he feels he has lost everything and has serious issues to handle his new life. Being addicted to substance abuse, his life becomes more difficult.

It takes his manager and girlfriend to investigate in a rehab. But not a rehab where you have to follow a doctor’s order at all times. It is a community, where people share, share and help each other in the most trivial time. A community made up of deaf people, for deaf people and by people. Yes, it also applies to the main laws of democracy. It shows how a community comes together and works for it. This is where over time; Reuben begins to feel comfortable with his lost feeling. Even though the film will focus on one very important subject, one very beautiful thing that will show that it is, “We are never alone” and this is where change, the desire to live and return to existence is.

Starring Amy Winning actors Riz Ahmed and Olivia Cook in the lead roles, the film has already been released at the Toronto International Film Festival and received major acclaim and positive comments on all. The movie will be distributed by Amazon Studios and will be released in India on 4 December.

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