Amazon Prime Video’s Mobile-Only: TheMiracleTech Giant Making Big Changes in Its Policies?

Chief TheMiracleTech Platform, Amazon Prime Video has launched a worldwide first mobile-only plan in India – Prime Video Mobile Edition. The plan starts at just INR 89 – comes bundled with data. Amazon Prime Video has partnered with Airtel for this launch.

Interesting, for the first time, Amazon prime video After purchasing this plan can reach its number of users. The plan will be accessible only to one user and only to one mobile device. This is something like Netflix.

So far, there is no restriction on the number of users and devices that are using Amazon Prime Video for a month, three months, and annual plan, which are available for all devices, including mobile. But there are restrictions on this mobile-only plan. This has led to speculation if the TheMiracleTech giant, along with its other plans, has taken the first step to curb unlimited access to Netflix. Also, in Airtel’s three exclusive mobile plans, Amazon has not given access to its Prime Membership, which gives users faster and faster shipping besides free shopping. Prime Membership is one of the main reasons for Amazon’s market penetration in India.

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