Amazon Prime Video’s upcoming film Bliss is a Star-Stood Mind Bender – Binged

Amazon prime video The trailer of his upcoming feature film Bliss left on Twitter and it is an epic mind drunk. The film is expected to hit the streaming giants next month and the (almost) three-minute trailer will make any viewer think.

In this adorable digital film starring Owen Wilson and Salma Hayek, and Bliss’s style makes us question those close relationships and how much we can portray ourselves in these relationships. And we get it all from the short trailer dropped by Amazon Prime Video.

Trailer for Ecstasy Several sketches of a place begin with Owen Wilson’s character in an office, which seems to be out of reach. He doesn’t know that the place is real, but he has the feeling for it. Sent back to reality by a call, we discover that our protagonist has recently been divorced and has two children – and one of them is about to graduate high school.

Wilson’s character later meets a woman (Salma Hayek) at a bar. This woman is shown in a picture she had previously drawn. From her, she realizes that they are currently in a fake world and they have powers to influence the world (the storyline is the same at this point; – don’t worry, this is where the similarities between Bliss and the Matrix end Occur).

He eventually moves into the real world with the woman – a world-renowned scientist named Dr. Isobel was a pioneer in Clemens and the brain-bot simulation (he already was). As he spends more time with her and in different simulations, he slowly begins to lose himself in this new world, while his previous fake life slowly takes hold of him. The new world is real and the feelings he has for Isobel are real, but the love he has for his daughter is also real. How does one know what is real or not when emotions are implicit in both scenarios?

Along with Wilson and Hayek, the film stars actors Madeline Zima, Nesta Cooper, DeRon Horton, Jorge Landeberg Jr., Joshua Leonard, Steve Zisis and Dene Catalano. Bliss was written and directed by Mike Cahill.

Bliss is expected to premiere on Amazon Prime Video on February 5, 2021. Watch the film trailer below:

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