Amazon Wayne: Cure for all who want to relieve their wild teens

Wayne Coming on 6 November on Amazon Prime Video. The show was picked up from YouTube Red and marked as a YouTube original. The story of a boy who goes to lengths to get a car back from his mother’s lover because that is what his father wanted. The web series compressed by his beloved girlfriend along the journey certainly becomes one hell of a comedic hell, even if it is dark and horrific.

Wayne all the way and kind of reminds me of Netflix’s “The End of the Funking World”, two children in the world to get something. But of course Wayne feels a lot more depth and emotion than the others. Wayne is all over the place, from just beating to beating someone else. He likes to do hooliganism and he calls people back in a good way, like school them. From her enchanted mother’s boyfriend on a mission to get the car back, Wayne gets into more trouble than expected and everyone is out to save him and his girlfriend, Dale. While Dale’s father and brother are on their way to arrest him. To get Dale out of the house to travel all the way to Florida, the people on Wayne’s side are not there to save Wayne from the world.

Such teenagers show that dark comedy and lead have similar concepts that are socially awkward, but the brains of rebellious rebels are always fun to watch and funny. Especially after we grow up, they either remind us of the idiocy that we did while growing up or wish we could do something weird and stupid so that we too can go through a similar story, but now our This is not happening with us, so let’s just look at it all and realize how stupid it can be if we do something similar.

Wayne is coming out soon, definitely keep an eye out for him because apparently the people of Deadpool have written this and it should be great that way.

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