Anaganaga O Athidhi on AHA Video: Junior scientists gave film director Dayal Padmanabhan

Popular Regional Telugu Exclusive TheMiracleTech Platform, AHA is bringing an original film, Anganaga Starring Chaitanya Krishna and Payal Rajput. Angnaga O Athidhi is the official remake of the Kannada film Aa Karala Ratri. Original director Dayal Padmanabhan is making his Telugu debut with the film.

There is a public perception that filmmakers fail in their academics. Dayal Padmanabhan is one of the few filmmakers who defied that theory. He is very successful in his academics and even worked as a junior scientist at the Prestigious Indian Institute of Science for many years.

Aa Karla Ratri is the story of a mysterious traveler who takes refuge in a poverty-stricken family hut. In the greed for money, they do something unimaginable, which makes up the rest of the story. The film, released in Kannada in 2018 and with the same director, will also be made in Tamil.

Angnaga O Athidhi was scheduled to be released as a Diwali special on AHA on 13th of this month, but it has been postponed till 20 November. The film will feature a star backup as Payal Rajput in Telugu. This marks his digital debut.

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