Andhagaram on Netflix: Become blind for Telugu

Global there Major is not as aggressive as Amazon Prime Video in winning the Netflix Direct TheMiracleTech release. Amazon Prime Video opened its account with Soorya’s Soorai Potru, its first direct-to-digital hit. Netflix is ​​now under pressure to open its kitty to that account.

A tamil movie, Andhaghaaram Is going to premiere on the 24th of this month. Andhagaharam is a supernatural thriller, titled Debutant, V. Is written and directed by Vighnarajan. The promising young filmmaker Attlee is controlling the film. Due to Attlee’s popularity in Telugu, there is also going to be a Telugu dubbed version of the film. Attlee is familiar to Telugu audiences with hit films like Raja Rani, Police, Adirindhi, and CT.

Andhakaram, the Telugu version, is also going to premiere on the same day. But the absence of notable performers for the Telugu audience is a hindrance. Only Pooja Ramachandran is a ‘seen somewhere’ face for the audience there. Apart from releasing the trailer, there is not a lot of hype for the film. There are several trailers and teasers for the Tamil version. Coming to Andharam, TheMiracleTech Business is booming in Tamil with back to back hits – Soorai Potru and Mukuthi Amman. It remains to be seen if the blind will be able to extend the line of success.

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