Anganaga O Athidhi movie review

Binged rating2.25/ 5

Ground level: An unconventional drama with a boring narrative and poignant ending

Rating: 2.25 / 5

Forum: Aha video Style: Drama, thriller

who is the story about?

Anganaga O Athidhi movie review

Subbaiah (Anand Chakrapani) and Annapurna (Veena Sundar) are a poor daughter with an adult daughter Malli (Payal Rajput). Three different people have a different opinion about life and show different perspectives, although they all hate their positions.

One day an astrologer tells them that a stranger will come to their house, and it will change their life. That would bring them a lot of money, they say, if the family could control their greed. As mentioned, a stranger arrives at their home. What does a family do, what is a movie?


Payal rajput Anagana has gone for a change with O Athidhi. She has become dry and raw with a touch of boldness still in the game. The character is suitable for some of the things he is given to do. Payal Rajput has done a good job, noting that we have not seen him in a full performance oriented part.

From beginning to end, Payal Rajput has maintained intensity with his share. The dubbing artist also deserves credit because it is also an important cause of influence. Slang is used with all enthusiasm and taste. This is the part that should help him in the future even if it won’t happen for the film.

Anganaga O Athidhi movie review


Dayal Padmanabhan’s direction Anganaga o athdi. It is a remake of the Kannada film, Aa Karola Ratri, which is handled by Dayal himself.

The story of Angnaga o Athidhi is simple and straightforward. It rests on the patience of the audience with the slow build. If one does so, there is a payoff at the end with a twist. But, will anyone wait to see how long this question is.

The director gives all the cards in the beginning. The entire set up and family situation is effectively placed. The story takes off from the moment the fortune teller gives the hope to a disappointed family to come.

Once the stranger arrives, the entire story settles. It takes nothing to move forward, but important details emerge at the same time. They are important for acting on desperate people in the family. But, they have also been anticipated and seen many times before.

Anganaga O Athidhi movie review

The detailed setup of the characters’ desires and motives and the prophetic aspect of revelation make the narrative boring. Since the whole thing is in one place, there is also an extra sense of repetition.

It is only at the interval mark when the important decision is taken that we, as a spectator, take some interest in the proceedings. However, as we move beyond the ‘critical’ decision, we slip into pre-interval mode.

The narrative gets better than the opening hour, but it’s still not as engaging as one would expect considering the limited characters in the film. It is in full climax that the film is finally underway.

Elements of suspense and drama are well combined to get a knockout punch related to greedy human nature. This is done well and will certainly be effective if one stays to the end.

Altogether, Anganaga Is a short film that never ends in the beginning. But, it ends on a sentimental note, at which point it wants to tell. If you want to see something unconventional with a message, try it and be careful with the setting.

Other artists?

Anganaga O Athidhi movie review

The film has a limited number of lead characters. Anand Chakrapani and Veena Sundar are the other two leading roles as Payal Rajput’s parents. Both have come up with an honest act. The former as a drunkard and the latter as a caring yet passionate mother is good. Veena Sundar gets better characterization for the last moments.

Chaitanya Krishna is fine in a role that does not demand too much from him. It may have been done on paper, with some more part of them, but as it is, there is little to talk about.

Music and other departments?

Background score by Arrol Corelli is fine. It feels very loud at times. Rakesh B’s cinematography could have been better. Given the limited resources and available space, working with a cinematographer can increase the feel of the film. The editing of Preity and Babu A Srivastava could have been faster. Writing is par for the course. Intensive delivery covers this to an extent.

Anganaga O Athidhi movie review


Short runtime




Early drama

Cliché characters to establish the world

Drags in a lot of parts

Did i enjoy it

Yes, parts and finally

Would you recommend it?

Yes, but with mass reservations

Review of ‘Anganaga O Athidhi’ by the Binged Bureau

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