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There was no rumor that the heroine Anjali dated Tamil hero Jai. Although the two did not publicly acknowledge their relationship, it was well known that the two had been in a relationship for some time and in fact wanted to get married. However, due to them being known, Anjali and Jai split up and they ended their relationship last year. Anjali also returned to Tollywood and recently appeared in Anushka’s Nishbadam. And, Jai got busy with his films in Tamil.

Jai is now turning to music director for his upcoming film. Jai, who is playing the lead role in the Susanthiran directorial, has also composed the music. The shooting of the film is almost complete. Little is known that Jai has learned music at Trinity College of Music, London. Finally, he is testing his musical skills in his 30th film. For starters, Jai is popular for Telugu audiences with films like Yatra and Raja Rani. He is known for his boy-next-door image. While the music directors – GV Prakash Kumar and Vijay Anthony – became heroes in Tamil, a hero as a music director is interesting. Let’s wait and see what Jay is up to.

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