Annoyed with BJP leaders after Karnataka cabinet expansion, BS Yeddyurappa asked to meet party high command

After development within the Karnataka cabinet, Chief Minister BR.S. Yeddyurappa on Thursday asked the disgruntled BJP leaders to put their issues before the party high command and the chorus which would harm the party. The Chief Minister on Wednesday expanded his 17-month-old cabinet to materialize seven new ministers, while Excise Minister H.K. Nagesh was removed from the cabinet. He publicly expressed his displeasure after some legislators, who were good at converting him into ministers in detail, were not given a place.

Talking to reporters in Bengaluru, Yeddyurappa said, “If BJP MLAs have any problem, they can go to Delhi, meet our national leaders, give them all the information and advocate their grievances . ” I cannot oppose him, although I request him not to tarnish the party’s picture by talking on flawed issues. The Chief Minister said that the central management will resolve their grievances and senior party leaders will be alert to the state of affairs.

Warn of these flaws against you

Later, in a conversation with reporters in Davanagere, the Chief Minister insisted that he did what was in his palms in difficulty. Yeddyurappa additionally warned those who spoke flawedly against him. Nevertheless, Yeddyurappa did not say anything about the question of RR Nagar Muniratna not accompanying the MLA within the cabinet. Whereas, the Chief Minister promised the MLA leaving the Congress to join the BJP that he could be given a ministerial post if he gets the RR Nagar seat.

Excise Minister H. H. from Cabinet. Nagesh away

Chief Minister Yeddyurappa on Wednesday extended the 17-month-old cabinet to include seven new ministers in Karnataka. Also, Excise Minister H.K. Nagesh has been removed from the cabinet, which has led to a vacant seat within the cabinet. The new ministers met MLA Umesh Katti (Hukkeri), S.O.K. Angara (Sulia), Murugesh Nirani (Bilgi) and Arvind Limbavali (Mahadevapura) and MLC R.O.K. Shankar, MTB Nagaraj and CP Yogeshwar.

Yatnal focused on Chief Minister

Vijayapura city legislator BD, who criticized Yeddyurappa Patil Yatnal, accused the chief minister of making appointments through blackmail keeping in view seniority and honesty. He accused the Chief Minister and his family of hijacking the Karnataka BJP and requested the Prime Minister to free the state from the politics of dynasty of the Yeddyurappa family. The former Union Minister said, ‘The Chief Minister is making blackmailers ministers. Three individuals… a political secretary and two ministers are blackmailing Yeddyurappa through CDs for the final three months. “One of them will become a minister today, apart from blackmailing CDs, there is also money to be given to Vijayendra (the chief minister’s son),” he said.

Vishwanath quipped on Chief Minister’s household

On Thursday, Vishwanath referred as individuals to focus on solar strokes while pinching at the chief minister’s house. He said, ‘Let’s start the discussion with Raichur. The topic is solar stroke. I hope you will experience. He was not directly casting sarcasm at Yeddyurappa, who exemplified his children and relations within the party. He said that the Janata Dal fell due to solar shock within the nineties, whether it was Ramakrishna Hegde, S.O.K. Bugarappa, J. B. H. Patil or HD Deve Gowda. Vishwanath said, ‘Now BJP may also get this solar shock. If this continues, Karnataka will get solar stroke. HD Vishwanath was also among the 17 MLAs who joined the BJP in 2019 after the then Congress-JDS officials led by Kumaraswamy.

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