Antibodies remain for five months after being infected with the corona virus, the study showed

The results of a study commissioned within the UK on Thursday already mentioned Kovid-19 as an infection builds immunity for at least five months, although still being fully a carrier of the afflicted virus Can. An evaluation by Public Health England (PHE) showed that the immune system that develops naturally after infection gives 83pc of protection to be re-infection in comparison with it. Those who did not have the disease before.

According to the results of the study, it remains immune for at least five months after being first infected. However, experts warn that people who have developed immunity may also be carriers of their nostrils or throat viruses and are vulnerable to any other infection.

Professor Susanne Hopkins, PHE’s senior medical advisor, noted that this study gave us a clear image of the character of antibody protection against the virus, although at this stage it may be important that individuals do not misunderstand these preliminary findings. He mentioned that we now know that individuals who had the infection and who had antibodies have been rescued from the infection again, although it is not known how long this protection is. We really feel that even after recovering from an infection, individuals can reveal the virus.

More than 19.77 lakh people died due to corona on earth

In contrast, as the outbreak of the worldwide pandemic Corona virus (Kovid-19) continues, more than 19.77 million victims have died worldwide, while over seven lakh 40 thousand new conditions have occurred in some time. Notice has been given. . This volume has exceeded 9.23 crores. According to information commissioned by John Hopkins University’s Center for Science and Engineering (CSSE) of the US, 191 million 13,000 199 people have been infected with the Corona virus in 191 countries and 19 lakh 77 thousand 893 victims have died so far. Go. Are incorrectly extracted.

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