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Anupama 5th May 2021 Dr. Advaith teaches laughter therapy to Shah family. Baa asks why are they laughing. Advaith says laughter is the world’s best therapy and walks away asking them to continue laughing. Anu tells Baa that she looks pretty laughing. Baa says her jaws are paining now. Baa says let us have herbal concoction. Vanraj asks Samar and Nandini to help mummy. They pick tray and are confused to see Sanan Ki Sagai/engagement written on it. Baa asks what is all this. Vanraj says Anu wants to perform Samar and Nandini’s engagement here in this resort if she permits. Samar says he doesn’t want to to get engaged seeing mummy’s condition.

Vanraj says its Anu’s wish and she will be happy with it, he had problem before and not now. Samar agrees. Baa says its not a joke, Nandini is Kavya’s niece and if he broke his relationship with her. Vanraj says not yet. She asks how can they without Bapuji’s permission. He says already took Bapuji’s permission. She repeats that Nandini is Kavya’s niece, what if relationships entangle. Anu holding Nandini and Samar’s hands together says rope entangled when left open, but they are tying it together and stopping it; she doesn’t know how much time she has left. Samar asks not speak negative. She says its truth and says they will go ahead only if Baa agrees. Baa stands serious. Anu says they will drop the idea as Baa didn’t agree. Baa smiles and says she was joking. Anu gets happy. Pakhi congratulates Samar and Nandini. They both touch Anu’s feet. Anu blesses for their togetherness and says don’t know how much time is left, but she wants to give all her life to them.

Nandini walks away. Anu says girl got shy. Pakhi taunts Samar. Samar walks to Nandini and asks why did she come here instead of celebrating. She says they cannot hide truth and should inform his family what she had written in diary. He says they cannot give stress to mummy and for her sake, they should hide the truth for sometime.

Anu offers tea to Vanraj. Vanraj asks if engagmenet arrangements are made. Anu says yes and describes all the arrangement she and Baa made, children selecting song for post-engagement performances, etc., and says its not looking good without Bapuji, but since Bapuji ordered not to delay it, they should go ahead; asks this cottage has become their house now. He asks if she remembers something seeing this cottage. She says Kundan kaka’s house and they remember spending 3 days there post their wedding; he remembers how there was power outage often; she remembers how he held her hand tightly in fear for 3 days and it swelled; he says she didn’t complain; she says no as he was holding it. He reminds how she used to have tea and mimics. She feels shy; he says he used to scold her a lot, but himself used to enjoy it that way. He insists to try together now and they do same and laugh. Vanraj says their relationship is unique and as she says there is something between them. Kavya gets jealous seeing them laughing. Anu says she wants her son’s engagement a happy event. Vanraj says its his son’s engagement, so obviously it would be good.

Advaith helps Anu and Baa prepare laddus. Baa asks how his hair is so silky. Anu thinks she is asking her says she oiled he hair in the morning. Baa says she is asking Adi. Adi jokes. Anu asks if senior doctor’s report came. Adi asks if he is a junior doctor. She says she didn’t’ say that. He says she should listen to this junior doctor’s advice and keep worries away. She laughs. He says her laughter is more pure now than during laughter session. Baa says its her son’s engagement. Pakhi joins. Adi jokes even with her and asks to select a theme for engagement and his team will help them. Anu says he is too good, plays bansuri and always happy like Kanhaji. Adi says he is Kanhaji’s biggest devotee and asks to teach him preparing ladus. Baa says she will. Adi says people come and go, they need to be independent.

Nandini informs Kavya that Anu has arranged her and Samar’s engagement. Kavya frowns, then apologizes saying this reaction was for her own ill fate and congratulates her; picks her bridal lehanga and says was thinking why she brought this bag, now she realized it is for Nandini; she never had problem with their relationship and is happy for them; her fate is ill that she always goes to temple for wedding, but returns back, reminiscing the incidents; and wiping her tears gifts her lehanga to Nandini. She says she wants to be happy with other’s happiness, but it increases her pain instead; she need not worry though as they will celebrate her engagement lavishly. Nandini asks her not to feel bad as Vanraj is with Anu due to her health issues, they are together for 25 years and their bonding is obvious. Kavya asks Vanraj is trying to keep Anu happy due to her health issues, but will he come to me if I get ill. She walks aside and prays god for Samar and Nandini’s together.

Samar brings Anu’s medicines prescribed by gynecologist and tells Vanraj that they should keep mummy stress-free to keep illness under control. Vanraj says Samar’s engagement will keep Anu happy. He gets his lawyer’s call informing about divorce date in 2 day sand asks if it can be postponed as they are out of Ahmedabad. Lawyer says it may take one year for next date if they postponed this date. He says let it take 10 years as he doesn’t want divorce now. Kavya hears his conversation.


Anupama 6th May 2021 5th May 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Vanraj sings song O Manjhire. Anu informs him that Baa has kept pooja tomorrow to find Samar and Nandini’s engagement date, they will go to court day after tomorrow for divorce.

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Telecast Date:5th May 2021
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar

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