Anupamaa Written Episode Update 4th May 2021: Today Vanraj Slaps Kavya?

Anupamaa Written Episode Update 4th May 2021: Today Vanraj Slaps Kavya?

The latest episode of Anupama starts and Anupama is making Mango Juice for everyone. Vanraj comes there and Anupama asks if he is fine. Vanraj replies yes, then Anupama asks if he agrees with Samar and Nandini’s engagement. Vanraj says that he is against this engagement before but the current circumstances have changed his mind. Vanraj then suggests Anupama organizing Samar’s engagement here instead of booking any other resort or banquet hall. Anupama then says that you have to talk to Baa first and later we have to ask for Nandini’s parents for her engagement with our son.

Vanraj says that they both make Baa agree on this he will then speaks to Nandini’s parents and Kavya. Anupama asks Vanraj if Kavya will feel sad if we talk her about Samar’s engagement with Nandini instead of your and Kavya’s marriage. Vanraj tells her that his son’s happiness is prior and leaves from there. Anupama then appreciates God as the biggest obstacle that has itself solved. Anupama gets elated and started dancing, Kavya gets jealous when she noticed Anupama dancing. But at the same time, she sees Anupama’s promise thread on her wrist and calms down.

Vanraj then goes to Advaith and after some words, he asks for permission to celebrate Samar’s engagement in the resort. Advaith happily allows celebrating the grand event. Vanraj appreciates Advaith as Lord Krishna who is a friend to everyone. Later, Anupama goes to Baa and noticed that she is looking at something via binocular and asks what is she doing. She replies that she is keeping her eyes on Kavya. Vanraj there messages Kavya and calls her at the poolside. She goes to her and asks the reason to call her here. He tells her that he calls because they decided to perform Samar and Nandini’s engagement in this resort.

Kavya says that even they can get engaged here along with them. Kavya says that it is getting difficult to bear this wait of Anupama’s demise and divorce. Vanraj shouts and says enough now. Kavya again asks Vanraj that when will they get married, Vanraj replies after divorce. She again asks and when that will happen. Vanraj replies once Anupama gets fine. She yells she thinks that they only get married when Anupama dies. Vanraj fumes and about to slap Kavya but stops in between. Catch the complete episode on Star Plus at 10 PM today. Bookmark Social Telecast for Anupama written episode update.

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