Apply on UP U-Rise portal, online student registration form 2020/[email protected]

Complete details about UP U-Rise portal, apply online student registration form 2021 / login

According to official sources, “In the first phase of U-Rise, polytechnic, vocational and skill development have been added on this portal. In the second phase, it is targeted to connect all the engineering universities in the state. “

The government has recently launched a portal called U-Rise Portal, also called Unified Reimagined Innovation for Students Empowerment Tool. The purpose of this portal is to enable students to find suitable TMT and make them aware of government TMT. This portal provides skill, vocational and technical education to the students. In addition, students can access content beyond academics, ideas sharing, etc. using the portal.

Students can apply online directly on the official UP U-Rise portal and login process.

UP U-RISES Portal, Apply Online Student Registration Form 2021 / Login

This article tells about UP U-RISE portal, list of services of portal, online application, student registration portal and login process.

Overview of UP U-Rise Portal

Portal Name Uttar Pradesh U-Rise Portal
Declared by UP CM Shri Yogi Adityanath
Application mode Online
Core services Skills training, vocational, technical education

List of student services on U-UDAY portal

Let us look at the various services that the U-Rise portal provides to the students.

  • Registration
  • Dashboard
  • E-Content
  • The presence
  • online course
  • Display
  • Complaint
  • Fee (online payment)
  • Digi locker
  • Feedback
  • online course
  • Display
  • Complaint

How to apply online on UP U-Rise portal @

Let’s see the online process to apply for the online UP U-Rise portal.

  • To tour official website Rise of UP
  • This takes the online user to the home page below.
Apply online for UP U-Rise portal
  • On the home page, in the menu bar, click the Register button at the top right corner.
  • In the drop down, it shows the student and the user.

Online student registration form 2021 and log

  • Select the option and click on the student.
Apply online for UP U-Rise portal
  • Select Organization (Skills Training, ITI, Polytechnic Diploma Area)
  • Enter the entry number and date of birth.
  • Click on the Register button.
  • After clicking the register button, go to the home page and login to the portal.
Apply online for UP U-Rise portal
  • Enter credentials such as account type, uris unique id, password and captcha code as shown above.
  • Click the login button to enter the student dashboard.
  • Online users can also register as a user by selecting the user option from the drop-down in the menu bar.
  • You can view the primary user registration, as shown below.
UP U-Rise Portal
  • Enter Email ID and Mobile Number.
  • It sends the opt to your registered mobile number.
  • Enter the OTP generated in the field below.

quick linkS

UP U-Rise Portal Official Website

Contact :

Purushottam (+918090491594)

Mr. Manas trivedi (+918604356415)

URISE Technical Team (0522 2336851)


What are some services offered by UP U-Rise portal?

This portal provides services like registration, e-content, online presence, etc.

Who are the eligible applicants of UP U-Rise portal?

Students from Uttar Pradesh are eligible applicants for the UP U-Rise portal.

Can I contact the help desk in case of any questions?

Yes, in case of any queries related to student registration, students can contact the help desk.

Is there an application fee for registration on the UP Solicitation Registration Portal?

No, the applicant is not required to pay any registration fee to be registered on the UP URIS portal.

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