Are the actors of Anarchy also real life bikers? – decoding

Some of the bikers on the show are actually real-life gang members. Can you guess who?

‘Son of Anarchy’ was a hit crime drama which ended in 2014 After a good seven season run. A gang of bikers moving about and around Jacques TaylorThe series focused on Jackson’s efforts to fulfill his father’s vision for his club, of which he is a part. It was about a gang of people lying on the sidelines of society, and involved violence and heavy action, with a blood count that could make your eyes water. In many ways, the show was an exploration of America’s biker culture, helped by good writing and great characters as well. But when we see these morally ambiguous people sailing on hard bikes on deserted roads, we are surprised that ‘Sons of Anarchy ‘Bikers are also real life bikers?


  • Sharpers tug as a member of an actual Hell’s Angels
  • Reel conversion of a real life character

Video Credit: OSSA

Sharpers tug as a member of an actual Hell’s Angels

When The creator of the show is Kurt Sutter, Doing his research while developing the show, he visited many bike shops as well as local clubs. These locations would eventually help him find the real members of the bike gang and bring many of them into the series as mentors. Sutter got a few extras that way, but now and again, he also found an ex-gang member who would be the perfect casting option for him. And, as it turned out, One of the artists is not just an actual biker, but he is actually a former member of the infamous biker gang Hells Angels.

sons of Anarchy

The character of Trigger – Happy Happy, who enjoys killing people so much that he himself gets a smiley face tattooed every time he kills someone, played by David Labrava, who used to be a ‘member of’.Hells Angels‘Oakland Chapter. He was originally brought on as the crew on the show, to work as a technical consultant, but when he had the opportunity to act on it, Labra dived right into it.

Reel conversion of a real life character

Character of Rane quinn Rusty is played by Const, another member of the Hells Angels, whose real-life escapes, the character he plays, is quite out of the law. The owner of the bike shop Illusion Motorsports, Connons lived and worked in Westminster, California, before tipping over the wrong side of the law. Const’s character on screen is actually a small screen adaptation of his personality. Corners has been imprisoned twice, one of which was for possessing a gun and illegal substances.

For a part-time actor, working on ‘sons of Anarchy’ It was a way for him to establish himself as a custom bike builder and get people’s attention on his work projects so that it would bring him more. Many of the bikes in the show are, in fact, made by him.

Video Credit: Jimmy Kimmel Live

Some actors play house-taking roles so that they can work on them. But for some of these ‘Sons of Anarchy ‘Bikers, The work was clearly not meant to come home. It was already in the house already!

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