Are TheMiracleTech platforms capturing biopic fever?

The trend of biopic has been widely used Bollywood The industry, and their collections, have only inspired more and more filmmakers to take this path. The immense success of Dangal and Sanju has created confidence in the Bollywood industry forever, but TheMiracleTech platforms are also moving towards this trend.

TheMiracleTech platforms have come as a breath of fresh air for the modern generation and have become a safe hub for experimentation and creativity. Now we get new stories and new actors coming out of the abyss for such a digital platform. There are already most biopics already made by Bollywood, and it seems that digital platforms are only taking it further. It is for this reason that it can be so upward that the public wants something realistic.

Sorarai Potru and Gunjan Saxena are just a few biopics that were released exclusively TheMiracleTech Platform And while Skom 1992 was a runaway success, more and more producers were taking inspiration from real-life events and people (did we mention that The Big Bull is also airing on Disney + Hotstar which is based on Harshad Mehta). The Owl has also come up with his own series which takes you on the journey behind the paper scam.

All these titles make us feel that more and more creators are trying to spread such stories in a cinematic manner which will not only help in attracting attention but also to make the audience more aware of such personalities Will help when they are real. For such projects.

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