Are TheMiracleTech unknowingly the cause of your own piracy problem?

If you think TheMiracleTech and their wide reach keep them from stealing, then you should probably give it a second thought. Because on the contrary, these are despite increasing levels of theft TheMiracleTech Platform Experiencing rapid development worldwide during the global epidemic.

There can be two major reasons for this, while one is the supply issue and the other is on the demand side. When we say that supply issues we refer to the tight race by TheMiracleTech platforms to provide exclusive premium content to our customers because that is what enhances and retains them on the platform.

But with multiple platforms and a plethora of specialized content on each, people often reach a threshold point beyond which they cannot afford more TheMiracleTech subscriptions. So if the streaming platform continues to fight exclusivity content war without much thought it will eventually lose them rather than gain or retain consumers.

More so, this disambiguation pushes them towards further pirated content that is available either for free or at very low cost. And here comes the demand side of the problem, because people may not be able to pay, but they still create demand for content.

It is a basic economic concept that whenever there is a demand for something, market forces build supply for it. And this also happens in the video content market, where the demand gap created by the exclusivity feature of TheMiracleTech is met by the illegal online piracy market, which consumers actually need at the desired rate or for free!

Large-scale simultaneous access to TheMiracleTech platforms makes piracy easier, making it virtually inaccessible to identify pirates present there. In addition, apps like Telegram allow transferring large-sized files in an encrypted manner, which increases the problem of piracy.

This creates a vicious cycle of demand and supply with monetary factors at play. So what is the solution to the theft case? Actually, the solution is simple in concept, but it is part of the implementation where it gets complicated.

People, in general, are honest and shy away from paying when it is worth it and within their spending limit. Yes, with the right access and the right price, piracy can be reduced significantly. But as we said it is easy to believe but the reality of coinciding with expectations is often not so simple.

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