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Health Path Portal 2021

Arogya Path portal has been released by CSIR to bring about better changes and development in national health security. Mainly all health related solutions will be taken care of in this portal. The supply of all essential health-related goods at the right time is scheduled to be done through this portal. PPE, medical equipment, drugs, diagnostic kits, items can be obtained by any health research through this portal. With the help of this portal in the country, there is a possibility of development and change in health facilities. Let us understand this portal in detail so that everyone can use it at the right time.


Health Path Information Portal (Arogya Path Portal)

This portal has been launched to make medical facilities available on time and at the right place. The central government has launched this portal in view of the corona epidemic. Primarily, this portal will work to reach the health workers with necessary resources so that health related equipment can reach the patients at the right time and they can be treated properly.


C I came s R Health The path information Portal From Connected

This portal has been designed in such a way that if a person logs in to order the equipment, he can also easily track the status related to his equipment. Both users and manufacturers will be connected on this portal, which will also help in increasing the status of business in the country. Let us know which procedure can be used on this portal using health research tools.

  • First official website to join Arogya Path Information Portal will go on.
  • After that you will reach the main page of the portal released by CISR.
  • On the main page you can find various offers of customers, vendor opportunities, stakeholders, products and other details.

Health Benefits of the Path Information Portal

This portal has been created mainly for the Public Health Service Association which will cover all the research given below.

  • Hospital.
  • Pathology Laboratories.
  • research Institute.
  • Medical college.
  • Individual patients.

Health Care Requirements And Demands On Suppliers / the creator / Importers To Information

You can log on to the Arogya Path Information Portal to get various tools and sell and order them. Mainly through this portal the following devices will be exchanged.

  • medical devices.
  • Diagnostic Tools and Accessories.
  • Drugs and Pharmaceuticals.
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
  • Respiratory assist device.
  • Prosthetics and Orthotics.
  • Apparel / Cloth.
  • First aid supplies.
  • All other things required for primary, secondary and tertiary health care.

If any of the health centers lack any of the items mentioned above and want to get it, then you can take help of this portal. Through this portal, all health related equipment will be easily transported to hospitals, labs etc. With the help of this portal, black marketing of health related equipment and overproduction of goods can be avoided.


Health The path Portal Of need

Keeping in mind the issues caused by the lack of health equipment during the Karona epidemic, the Central Government has decided that with the help of this path portal, all of those devices are constructed in a reasonable amount and The exchange will be done on time so that we are ready to fight any eventuality. A list of items which we felt very lacking in the country at the time of Corona is given below and all these devices have now been included in the Arogya Path portal.

  • Test kit
  • Essential medicines
  • Personnel protective equipment (masks, gloves, gowns, shoes)
  • Hospital aids (ventilators, oxygen concentration) and
  • Sanitizer

According to central statistics, there are some devices which are likely to decrease in the coming time. The following are some of the main reasons the lack of these devices in the country.

  • Lack of raw materials (inputs) locally or internationally for the manufacture of these materials.
  • Logistics challenges
  • Hoarding
  • Panic buying
  • Low installed or operational capacity for goods that are not usually required in business and
  • Import dependence and geopolitical considerations

Keeping all these things in mind, the Central Government has launched the Arogya Path portal so that all these situations can be avoided and equipment can be properly used in the country. In the coming times, this portal is going to be highly beneficial for health research.


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