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Business Wire IndiaArogya World launched its extensively researched mental health benchmark with Libram as its Healthy Workplace Framework to help corporates address employees in a mentally structured manner at today’s Online Healthy Workplace Conference. did. The effort was the first of its kind in India, initiated by Arogya World in direct response to repeated requests from business and HR leaders at COVID time.

The World Health Organization estimates that between 2012 and 2030 India could suffer a massive $ 1.03 trillion in damage from mental health conditions. The post-work epidemic world and shifting workplace conditions such as home and job uncertainty have worsened. While employers are trying their best to reach employees through various programs, the stigma about mental health in India makes it very challenging.

Dr. Shekhar Saxena and Vikram Patel, both world-renowned mental health experts and Harvard University professors, worked with their colleagues and the Arogya World Team to develop these criteria. according to this Shekhar Saxena, “We wanted to develop values ​​and evidence-based norms that would provide a roadmap for the implementation of good mental health programs, take meaningful initiatives and raise awareness about mental health in workplaces in India.”

The new set of criteria cover many aspects such as promoting well-being, managing stress, leadership, and supporting recovery, and has been merged with Arogya World’s existing Healthy Workplace Criteria that provide a no-tobacco policy, healthy physical health Covers promotion and NCD prevention efforts. Feeding, Physical Activity and Shifting Mindset. The roll-out plan and scoring guidelines for the joint criteria will be clearly communicated to interested companies, going forward.

“By combining mental health with physical health, this ambitious and comprehensive set of criteria will help Indian companies to take action and address both NCD prevention and mental well-being simultaneously.” Nalini Saligram, Founder and CEO of Arogya World. “This will help India’s workforce to be healthier and be more productive and may help increase India’s future global competitiveness.”

Arogya World completes 10 years in 2020 and is working with approximately 150 companies enabling them to become “healthy workplaces”, to consistently address NCD prevention and other aspects of employee health in a comprehensive manner Provides them with insights and programs, while encouraging companies. In their view to be more data driven.

Arogya World believes in continuous improvement and a proactive approach in addressing health issues at the workplace, and new mental health norms are another step in this direction. Other efforts to encourage companies to address mental health include case studies of how exemplary healthy workplaces reduce stigma and successfully deploy mental health programs to a large workforce population as well Stress reduction is a set of messages for Indians developed with nimhans. We this Organized webinars on mental well-being with partners such as CII, iNFHRA, CBRE, GACS, NHRD, Manah Wellness, and others. In solidarity with One Mind at Work, Arogya World encourages more CEOs and business leaders in India to tackle mental health at work. Now is the time to act – mental health issues are widely recognized as a major decline from COVID.

Criterion link: https://arogyaworld.org/arogya-world-adds-mental-health-criteria-for-healthy-workplaces/

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