Artisans, weavers and handicraft makers celebrated India’s heritage with Flipkart through a successful festive season.

Business Wire IndiaThis year’s festive season has been extra special for artisans, weavers and handicrafts manufacturers across the country as they cater to the growing consumer demand for indigenous products, which are designed to enliven India’s rich culture. India’s native e-commerce marketplace Flipkart also created an exclusive collection of products as part of its flagship initiative – Flipkart Samarth, to bring the country’s rich and diverse art forms to its e-commerce platform.

Flipkart Samarth has been created with the intention of democratizing e-commerce and creating a sustainable and inclusive platform for domestic, community communities to empower them with fewer, better opportunities and better livelihoods. Through the initiative, Flipkart aims to provide greater visibility in India to products manufactured on its platform – products that reflect the local diversity, culture and capabilities of a heritage-rich country. To drive greater visibility and promote products available on the platform, the company has also created a dedicated storefront on its app / website so that consumers can easily access their desired products.

Today, through Flipkart Samarth, the company is able to impact 7,00,000+ livelihoods. During the last year, Flipkart Samarth saw a 12-fold increase in the number of participants joining the program. These artisans, which formed part of Flipkart’s annual festival season sales this year, saw a 2.5-fold increase compared to their normal non-selling days. The demand for these products reflected the growing trend of people supporting local products, with top-performing categories for Flipkart Samarth event vendors ethnic wear, home décor and natural / organic beauty and beauty products. Encouraged by the success of the vendors on the stage, Flipkart Samarth also saw artisans, craftsmen and weavers from the new cities (a 7-fold increase from last year), join the program. 60% of Flipkart Samarth partners are in Tier II and beyond, including cities such as Dharampuri, Palanpur, Ernakulam, Palghar and Ambala, which showcase the spread of the program across the country.

Speaking on the issue of market access for under-served vendor communities on e-commerce platforms, Rajnish Kumar, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer, Flipkart Group, What was said, “Central and state governments have played an important and enabling role in helping these under-served communities become part of the Flipkart Samarth initiative in the market. Such initiatives play a major role in promoting the government’s ‘vocal for the local’ campaign, in turn helping to create a ‘self-sufficient India’. We are proud to support India’s rich heritage and provide an opportunity to MSMEs, artisans and artisans to leverage the power of e-commerce and support major initiatives like ODOP in Uttar Pradesh.“.

Dhawal Patel, part of Navrang handicrafts, Is empowering the women artisans of her village by supporting her under Flipkart harmony program to sell her products on Flipkart today. He is seeing around 100 orders per day and is thankful for the festive season to give more visibility to these handicraft products. Likewise, Boyonika – who supports Odisha’s weaver community Orders are now being received from across the country for their affordable range of locally produced cotton sarees. Weavers associated with the brand are thrilled that their products are reaching every part of the country, and they are getting great visibility.

Bringing Uttar Pradesh’s major ODOP initiatives, Khadi products, chikankari, and zari-zardozi work, local handicrafts and active in Biswa Bungalow – Flipkart Samarth with Karnataka’s famous handloom and handicraft brands such as Kaveri and traditional Bengali handicrafts, fabrics and artifacts Is bringing Handlooms from all over the country for an all India consumer base.

The program has grown in strength through a number of MoUs with government bodies in Jharkhand, Punjab, Odisha, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Assam, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal, Gujarat and Union Territories. With an MoU with Jammu and Kashmir, Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs to collaborate with its DAY-NULM initiative, Flipkart Samarth’s reach extends to 23 states across the country.

Flipkart constantly assesses the pain points and aspirations of these groups, incorporating their needs and requirements so that MSMEs, artisans, weavers, rural entrepreneurs, women entrepreneurs and other under-serving communities are involved in various initiatives including Flipkart Samarth Rich vendor experiences continue. . Through such partnerships, the company is enabling livelihood opportunities for the handloom and handicrafts sectors and helps in upliftment of the economic conditions of this fraternity.

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