As Black Friday arrives, will you shop to fix the Holiday Blues? An angel can think of your feelings as a Guardian Angels from Impulse Buy. – Tech

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Many of us like to do a little retail treatment whenever we are feeling down. With the way it is happening this year, it would not be surprising to see some fascinating expenses as shopping holidays like Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday loom – just love to treat yourself.

While it is easy to understand how feeling down can inspire us to open our wallet, Dr. from Hong Kong Baptist University School of Business. A new study co-authored by Rocky Chen reveals how we process emotions like grief – especially the act of thinking it is like a person (anthropomorphing), much in the same way that Disney happily Sadness, anger, fear and hatred have turned into blockbusters from inside to outside– Affects us as consumers.

The principle of how to treat emotions with how the market appeals to us with more and more humanized products and services. With its storied tone of voice and image, the brands are consistently marketed keeping in mind emotions and personality. Marketers would love to unlock when it’s best for us to sell – is it when we’re happy, sad or in between?

Here is a negative result of anthropological thinking on how we consume.

  • When you reduce grief, you feel less intense -Facing grief as a person helps you break away from it – this can make anthropologists a viable strategy to reduce grief.
  • Anthropomorphically reducing the intensity of depression before shopping can help you increase self-control. Pre-Purchase – Directly processing sadness means you have a better chance of choosing a more practical purchase over something excessive. You may find yourself saying, “Forget the cheesecake, I’ll have a salad” as the study showed that people who thought anthropomorphically thought about their bad feelings were over-indulged in treatments. Were more likely to choose healthy foods.
  • Brutal thinking not only affects sorrow, it can dilute happiness. – When we are anthropologists as an independent character, we can feel more isolated from happiness. If consumers are in danger of being swayed in an instant, they may want to consider dastardly happiness. Happiness can also be overwhelming and make hasty decisions, so some may want to step back and calm down. Marketers may also consider how human-related feelings about their products and customer journeys can be.

As you browse the great deals that ensure this holiday shopping season, perhaps consider your emotional state before clicking “Order Now” and checkout. Doing this can help you become a more brainy shopper who buys what you need in the long-term, rather than feeling temporarily pulled for a short period of time.

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