“As far as I know, he goes to racing” – Lewis Hamilton’s father gave career update amid uncertainty of contract. sport

“As far as I know, he’s working on racing” – Lewis Hamilton’s father drops career updates, while a contract with Mercedes is uncertain.

Lewis Hamilton has dominated Formula 1 for the past seven years, but his alliance with Mercedes may end unexpectedly. Contact uncertainty.

However, his father Anthony Hamilton has now given a significant career update, and according to him, Lewis will remain on racing as he is not yet ready to retire from motorsport.

“As far as I know, he runs on racing,” he said Express. “He loves racing; He loves what he does. He is now a voice in the game, which is also fantastic, but as far as I know he is taking on racing.

“It’s a definite, as far as I know, last time I talked to him yesterday, he’s definitely racing.” If Mercedes had not, the other teams would have died Hamilton, but by 2021, there is no other team with free space. Therefore, he will have to agree terms with Mercedes or wait until the season is over.

Dreams are not goals

Hamilton’s father also claimed that his son does not want to stay in F1 to pursue any goals; Rather, his dreams inspire him.

“It has nothing to do with the goal,” he said. “He is not running for the trophy; He runs because he loves what he does, and he also loves to inspire others. At the moment of their achievements, we hope, are motivating young children who have dreams they want to achieve. “

Hamilton recently equaled Michael Schumacher’s record for the most championship wins, and if he gets another season with Mercedes, he could go on to carry on his legacy. Meanwhile, the Brackley-based team sees a suitable replacement in George Russell, if the former does not continue.

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