“As mere media members, we do not have the right to question Kyrie Irving”: Stephen A. Smith did not mysteriously react to the Nets star’s mysterious absence from the game. sport

Stephen A. Smith satirized Kyrie Irving for her comments to calm the media and miss 5 games in a row.

It seems like the way superstars can leave the game by carving their faces across the media and partying at night. The 2020-21 NBA season began with James Harden throwing a fit and not showing up to the Rockets games because he wanted to trade.

Now, Kyrie Irving is following suit and not showing up to the net game. He has never hit NBA hardwoods since his banging win over the Utah Jazz about 10 days ago.

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He has completely distanced himself from speaking to anyone about his motive behind the missing games, especially the media. Members of the media remain black about this matter. He has to rely on various sources to dig up any information related to Kyri Irving’s mysterious absence.

Stephen A. Smith takes a shot at Kyrie Irving to get away from the grid.

Stephen A. Smith referred to Kyari’s previous comments on the media as saying:

“As members of the media, what right do we even ask him why he is not working?”

This is certainly a wildly sarcastic comment from Stephen A as it is indeed the media’s job to question the star players when there are such dramas around them.

Stephen A. Smith is known for not appreciating Kyrie Irving’s stance on talking to the media. Kyari began the season by claiming that he would not talk to the media until further notice.

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This is considered a bit immoral as the media is part of being an NBA player. Kyrie was widely and ridiculed by all quarters. Through the first couple of games, it felt as if he would let his game speak for him. But public opinion about him is declining again these days.

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