Asus’s new AMD 5000 Series & RTX 3000 Series laptops can give you 2080 Super Performance for under $ 999! | sport

Nvidia released its mobile GPUs for laptops yesterday and has really changed the game! However, there are some things that may not be true with all the flare of the new mobile GPU.

What can you expect to boost performance?

Surprisingly, Nvidia has succeeded in maintaining new GPUs at the same level of power consumption as its predecessors. Pairing it with the crazy performance they deliver, and you have a terrible machine in your hands. After all, you are almost doubling the CUDA core with the same power consumption. The efficiency of the new GPU is insane.

To give you some perspective, Nvidia claims that the new RTX 3060 mobile GPU will provide higher performance than the mobile RTX 2080 Super. The RTX 3070 will also provide around 50% more performance than the RTX 2070. However, in all honesty, these claims should be taken with a grain of salt as Nvidia may just try to publicize its own products.

The RTX 3080, which is expected to blow other GPUs out of the water, will likely retail for more than $ 1900. Thus, if you are watching the performance of the killer at all, you have to extract some serious bucks.

The RTX 3060 and 3070 laptops are expected to retail for $ 999 and $ 1299 respectively. The RTX 3060 probably seems the best deal here because it gives you the biggest performance boost for the cheapest price.

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AMD is starting as well!

Many companies are now accepting AMD as their main CPU component provider. Asus then integrated the AMD 5000 series processor into its top-tier laptops, although 11th-gen Intel processors are also available.

The Asus G15 laptop will sport an RTX 3080 and a Ryzen 5900H. This is good for most gamers as companies tend to be more competitive, so prices will increase. If anything, we hope that a balance will be established by Intel’s Rocket Lake. This would prevent AMD from increasing prices too much due to better market share.

Watch Zerod’s new tech video click here For more on the new mobile GPU!

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