Australian Grand Prix new date 2021: F1 race may reduce in the week before the first Ashes Test

Australian Grand Prix new date 2021: F1 race in Melbourne for Ashes may be less than a week before England’s tour of Australia.

F1 and cricket are the most unusual places in the crossover season, with only Australia and England being among the cricket playing nations.

But this year, due to the COVID-19 suspension series in F1, Australia may have to deal with two major events simultaneously. Earlier, Australia was to host the first Formula 1 race of the season in Melbourne.

But in the latest list released by Formula 1, the incident has been pushed back to the end of November, making Bahrain the de-facto season opener, while in the same week, England and Australia’s cricket teams were awarded the coveted Ashes series. Was bid farewell to.

For those who do not know, when the Ashes arrive, it is the biggest rivalry in cricket and probably the biggest test schedule of the entire year.

Meanwhile, the Australian Grand Prix has its own reputation, with fans always appearing in humble numbers at Albert Park. However, the crossover may not be a struggle for the Australian Government, as the Test series will begin at that time, and the first match is to be played in Brisbane.

And, the F1 race in Australia is always held in Melbourne. Thus a distance of more than 1,770 km would separate the two incidents.

Are the moratoriums going to happen next?

When 2021 was considered easy for Formula 1, things were even more contending for the race organizers as Vietnam was the first to withdraw its participation.

Soon, Australia called for his adjournment, and China soon followed suit, And now the latter is yet to be nominated back to the newly released list.

So, while the new tension is destroying the global affairs of the world, Formula 1 could see more problems in organizing the race until summer is at a minimum.

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