Batfleck to avenge Robin in Justice League Snyder’s Cut


Snyder Cut plans to shut down Robin’s suit mystery long before Batman v Superman

Since its announcement in April this year, the Snyder cut has been a positive surprise for DC fans. DC is giving himself big time, leaving no stone unturned for the Justice League. Zack Snyder is working on completing his anticipated anticipated cuts of the 2017 Justice League. With the inclusion of the Joker in the Snyder cut, the long-standing Robin death from Batman v Superman could be freed from the Easter egg.

Every day new and exciting news about Snyder’s Cut comes out. It is just a gift that keeps on giving. According to Digital spy, Jackal Snyder would hint a little more about Robin’s death by Joker in JLR. Fans will remember an Easter egg from Robin’s costume during Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, performed in Batquay. Yes, we may get to see some more of it.

A death in the Batflake family

Jack Snyder’s BVS is infamous for creating a rift between casual filmmakers and avid DC fans. On the one hand, DC fans were happy about the comic accuracy of the Dawn of Justice battles; Others were just latent. In all honesty, it influenced the film’s commercial perspective. Many critics complained about flaws and unanswered sub-plots.

Anyway, in Batman v Superman, there is a fight scene — Bruce staring at the suit in Robin’s Batcave. The scene caught on with many DC fans. Why? Because it was a term for one of the most iconic DC comic books in Batman history, A Death in the Family.

In the comics, Robin aka Jason Todd, a close aid to Batman, is murdered by the Joker. The Joker kills Todd with a crowbar, and he is said to have changed Batman forever. Batman takes Todd to the Lazarus Pit, and Jason resurrects as Red Hood in the comics. Zac Snyder revealed that in BVS, it was not Jason Todd’s costume, but it was Dick Grayson. Yes, Batman’s first Robin, who becomes Nightwing in the comics.

Watch: We finally know which Robin died in the Justice League

Jared Leto’s Joker Kills Dick Grayson?

Oh yes, Leto’s clown was about to kill Dick Grayson. It wasn’t difficult for Batman to convey this message to everyone in Robin’s costumes near the Joker. But Zac Snyder has said that he will delve a little deeper into Robin’s death at JLN at the hands of the Joker. as we know, Jared Leto is back in the Snyder-verse as the Joker. Therefore, Batfleck is likely to exit if the Joker knocks teeth in the judicial league if the plot goes ahead.

According to the old DCEU, Joker and Harley Quinn were responsible for Robin’s murder together. Bruce puts the costume in his Batquay to remind himself of his biggest failure, and nothing like this ever happens again. But, there is a twist in the story. Snyder has also made it clear that as of now, he has no plans to introduce the character of Red Hood in DCEU, but he had a Robin in mind. No, it was not Jason Todd or Damian Wayne, but Carrie Kelly. Carrie Kelly was Robin in the Dark Knight comic series, a comic book series from which Snyder found inspiration for BVS.

Now there is a big playground for DC. They have all the tools they need to launch a uniquely expanded Universe. Maybe, they can involve the entire Bat-family fighting together in the DCEU future. Zack Snyder, himself a comic book fan, is eager to maintain comic-book accuracy in his films and characters. And don’t we love him for this?

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