Bawara Dil 4th May 2021 Written Update: Siddhi feels strange seeing Shiva’s behaviour

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The Episode starts with Vijaya telling Siddhi to bring tea. Shoni gets overjoyed and says she got free movie tickets. She tells everyone to watch movie as its been long they didn’t go out together. Yashwant refuses to go but when Siddhi comes he tells her to go with others to watch movie. Siddhi says she wants to study. Shoni signals Yashwant saying if Siddhi wants to study then let her do that. Yashwant agrees. Mangal gets excited. Later Yashwant asks Shoni what’s your plan? I know the tickets are not free. Shoni smiles and Yashwant pulls her ear. Shoni says she did it so that Siddhi and Shiva spend some time together. She tells Yashwant to come back late as well. Yashwant says well done. Shoni informs Jalwa her work is done. All of them get ready and leave.

Shiva comes home and looks for Shoni and Mangal. He notices Siddhi is studying. He asks where is everyone? Siddhi says they went to Puna to watch film as Shoni got free tickets. Shiva asks why didn’t you go? Siddhi says she is making notes as she has no books left. Shiva thinks its good that she didnt go else he couldn’t fulfil Agga Bai’s wish. Shiva turns on the selfie camera and tries to take picture but it comes out hazy and not good. Siddhi feels weird and asks what are you doing? Shiva says I am taking picture of my own? Am I not allowed to take? Dont think I am taking selfie with you. The watch beside you is lovely and Bhave liked it so I am taking my selfie with that. Shiva leaves. Siddhi sees the watch and thinks whats so special in the watch? It looks normal.

Mangal tells Vilas that because of the excitement they forgot about Siddhi and Shiva. Mangal says we shouldnt have left them alone. We’ll be watching movie here and their love story will begin there. Mangal says she will watch movie some other day but right now she will go home. She calls the taxi.

Shiva gets nervous. He thinks how will he fulfil Agga Bai’s demand now as Siddhi is very moody and is ready to attack him for small things. She won’t agree so easily. Shiva enters his room and sits on sofa. He tries to take selfie again but fails to click a good one. He adjusts the position and changes his place. Then he sits on ground but he loses his balance and he falls on ground. He gets hurt. Siddhi keeps looking at him and feels strange like what is he up to? She goes to him but Shiva acts like he is fine. He then gets up and tries to apply the spray on his back to get relief from the pain. But he can’t move properly so Siddhi goes to help him. She asks where are you feeling pain. Shiva shows the painful area and Siddhi indicates at it using pen. It tickles Shiva and he laughs. Later she applies the spray and Shiva gets relief. Siddhi returns the spray. Shiva tries to speak about the selfie thing but hesitates. Shiva says let’s have lunch together. Siddhi says she will eat later. But Shiva insists. Siddhi feels why he is roaming around me, something is wrong for sure. Shiva again tries to take picture but Siddhi goes in the kitchen.

Siddhi serves food. Shiva looks here and there saying I am feeling hungry. He makes an attempt to take selfie but Siddhi looks at him and he turns off the camera. Siddhi says she wants to meet Ishvar to discuss about her studies. Shiva feels means he can’t take the selfie if Siddhi leaves. Siddhi says you will feel good also after I leave you alone for some time. Shiva tells Siddhi to give him water. Siddhi says its your house you can drink. Shiva self talks that he can’t even take a selfie with his wife. Such a shame! He hears Siddhi’s scream.

Shiva asks Siddhi what happened. Siddhi says there’s cockroach. Shiva says you are ready to fight always then you got scared of an insect? Siddhi says you also have fear of darkness , I didn’t tell you anything. Shiva and Siddhi start finding the cockroach. They get closer while searching for it. They stare at each other. Mangal rushes to home.

The Episode ends

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