Beach vacation in epidemic, Maldives turned into paradise – for everyone

Like any other person who was forced to stay home during the epidemic, our favorite celebs also craved for flight trips and beach holidays. Well, once the rules were relaxed, many of our stars got their wings back and the first thing they did was to fly to the nearest beach destination Maldives! Let’s see how it turned into heaven for all of them.

Fitness freak Disha Patani slipped into a bikini many times, but she has that bravery and beauty to close our eyes staring at us all the time. Disha recently went to Maldives with her Tiger Shroff. Here is the picture of the beach bomb kissing her sun sexy body on clear beaches walking and flaunting her dirty hair and sand.

Kajal Kichlu may have visited Maldives before, but this time is very special. It is a honeymoon to the Maldives with her husband Gautam Kichlu. Kajal Aggarwal literally wrote on the wall with her Mumbai wedding and honeymoon pictures of the Maldives, but it is no surprise that we like them all.

Kajal posed at the resorts, with Gautam and swimming costumes and strap maxis. Needless to say, Kajal slips into every look and we hope she enjoyed more from her honeymoon while we enjoyed her more by looking at her vacation photos. We can always check out Gautam Kichlu’s photos, even if he has a selfie with Kajal, but he will be a little busy liking Disha Patani’s pictures at that time! (Yes, he loved Disha’s bikini photos!)

Undoubtedly the most beautiful woman in Bollywood, Katrina Kaif can leave us awkwardly at times. The beauty needed a break from everything and she left for Maldives.

Katrina Kaif revealed just two photos from her break between them and they are stunning. Katrina Kaif posed in a white bikini top and a post-swim with blues background in wet hair. Nature is beautiful, but Katrina beats it here!

Honey is the best! To celebrate her birthday, Mahreen’s beach holiday should be better than the best. Mehreen poses in the thigh lanes and frocks on her vacation to the Maldives and she is mesmerized. Mehreen also knows that she is very hot and beautiful, she wrote ‘Excuse me while I break your screen’ for one of her pictures.

Mehreen took a break from the film commitment to celebrate his birthday (25!) At the Clearwater Beach Resorts in the Maldives. Well, she used to celebrate birthday at sunset and says ‘Blessed beyond measure’.

Bollywood actress Neha Dhupia and Angad Bedi’s vacation at the beach in Maldives was as spectacular as ever. Neha and Angad are seen spending a fabulous time in the Maldives with their younger Meher.

Neha posed in a swimsuit while she gave us a tip on gossip quoting a picture of her with Angad in which she hid her face under a hat ‘Angad Bedi with a woman in Maldives black and face covered Looks .. should I be. Worried ??? Pictures of her scorching red maxi and dreamy hat!

The very beautiful Prannath Subhash lost the coast for a while to enjoy the beauty of the sea in the Maldives. Beauty enjoyed divers, wines, beaches, swims, swings and whatnot in the Maldives.

Pranitha is lucky enough to enjoy the beautiful rain on the clear waters of the Maldives.

Bollywood actress Radhika Madan revealed photos of herself on the beach, stunning in a sexy white top and colors. Sundari also showed her jetty pose. Looks like she had a lot of fun!

Badminton sensation Saina Nehwal surprised us with her new look in minis and ultra-glam beach attire in her recent spaces in the Maldives. Saina Nehwal is super stunning in black and beach hair, while husband Kashyap was kept busy capturing her beauty.

Saina must have been in total holiday mood and Sea Dinner, her pictures tell it all.

Megastar Chiranjeevi’s daughter Srija Kalyan recently vacationed in the Maldives. Sreeja calls it a home away from home and was seen quoting for one of those photos, ‘She says she can’t get enough of sun, sea and sand’.

Talented beauty Tesse has just returned from her Maldives vacation very recently, but we are still in the hangover of her photos. Taapsee wrote on one of her holiday photos ‘Rejuvenating energy, exotic tan lines and most importantly Kovid back to the grind with negative reports’.

Pictures of Taapsee’s Maldives holidays are an addiction as she poses along the beach sand with bikini breakfasts, swinging at sunset in Maxim, deep dive, shore eating and sunbathing. Most of all, we obviously come for her bikini photos.

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