Behind the making of Disney + Hotstar’s ‘Triples’

Disney + Hotstar released their latest “Hotstar Special” and ‘Triple’Is one such Tamil web-series. It is going to be produced by an acclaimed young director, Karthik Subbaraj. This upcoming television series stars Jai Sampat, Vani Bhojan, Balag Jayaram, Vivek Prasanna, Namita Krishnamurthy and Madhuri MJ in lead roles.

Karthik Subbaraj, the producer behind the TheMiracleTech series, is currently directing Dhanush’s Jagme Thaandhiram. The director of the Rajinikanth-starrer film ‘PETA’, Karthik was part of a team of directors who made the Tamil anthology flick ‘Putham Pudhu Kalai’. He produced (and directed) the short film ‘Miracle’, which was well-liked, but got married with literary controversy. However, the film was a critical hit.

Due to its early upcoming release, the teaser has not revealed much. But what we do know is that the series will follow a trio of best friends. These three “brothers” have a close relationship with each other, but face a disruption in their relationship when one of them falls for the girl. They run after a gangster and his thugs chase him all over the city, while they try to drive him away.

Disney + Hoststar Have decided to invest some serious cash in the “Special” web series and working with regional film industries like Tollywood and Kollywood shows that they understand the popularity of these two film industries in the country. He has also decided to invest in other shows such as ‘My Perfect Husband’, ‘November Story’ and ‘Live Telecast’, with the leading actors playing lead roles.

Trials are set to be released in November this month on Disney + Hotstar VIP. See the teaser for the series below.

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